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  • Katy Regnery

All roads lead to…KEEP WRITING

Good morning, friends and followers!!

The following is an excerpt from an interview I gave to WOW back in May after placing Honorable Mention in their Flash Fiction contest.  They asked me for advice to new writers and I was happy to share some encouragement.

Don’t give up. Keep Writing. Keep submitting your work to contests and publishers. Be grateful for constructive criticism and use it. Be grateful for mentors and listen to them. Edit, edit, edit. Kill your darlings when necessary. Join a critique group. Keep writing. Edit some more. Remember that the road to publishing is paved with rejection letters. Cry a little bit. Develop a thicker skin. Edit a little more. Submit a little more. Polish your work to a high shine. Seek out other writers. Edit. Polish. Submit. And above all…


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